Zanesville native ‘Nightbirde’ featured on ‘America’s Got Talent as ‘favourite’ Golden Buzzer moment

This Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent” episode will provide viewers with something new to look back on the show’s best Golden Buzzer moments with show creator and judge Simon Cowell, and host, Terry Crews.

Cowell will present the performance that won Zanesville, Ohio native Jane “Nightbirde” Marczewski from 2021.

Marczewski won an additional Golden Buzzer of last season, following an amazing performance. It was awarded to her by Cowell.

“Your voice is breathtaking. Absolutely amazing!” Cowell told the singer following her audition. “And I completely concur with the things that Howie stated.

The thing is, authenticity. There was something special about this song, and the way that you seemingly casually revealed to us what you’ve been through.”

The performer, who had suffered from cancer for a long time was then spoke to Cowell as well as the rest of the judges.

“You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy,” she shared regarding her experience to get to the “AGT” auditions.

The Gold Buzzer guaranteed Marczewski a place on the show’s live broadcasts, but she had to leave because the metastatic cancer of her breast came back.

After Marczewski’s death, in the month of February the family of Marczewski established The Nightbirde Foundation, to help prolong the life for cancer sufferers.

They also unveiled new songs of the deceased singer this week.

“If she had died in 2020, “AGT” 2021 would not have occurred And if “AGT” had never been a reality,

She wouldn’t have been an source of inspiration for millions across the globe. She never could have come to be,” Marczewski’s brother, Mitch Marczewski, recently told NBC4 anchor Brad Johansen.

“Americas Got Talent,” judges are Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara. Terry Crews is the show’s host.

Talent that is not yet discovered by everyone including dancers, singers magicians, comics, magicians ventriloquists, musicians, and many more — are a part of the show on the stage before the celebrity judge who determine the contestants who will be allowed to continue in the weekly contest.

Under the direction of the host of the show the audience is introduced to the stories behind these incredible people , as they attempt to reach the final which will determine who is awarded a life-changing $1 million prize.

“America’s Got Talent” was developed by Simon Cowell and is co-produced by Fremantle and Syco Entertainment. Simon Cowell, Sam Donnelly, Jason Raff, Trish Kinane, and Richard Wallace are the executive producers.

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