How to Apply for Big Brother UK Audition 2023, Dates, Location, Judges

Big Brother UK Audition 2023: Hey, Do you want to be Big Brother of the United Kingdom? Wow… it’s good news for you. ITV has announced that it is set to revive the iconic reality series Big Brother 2023, following a five-year hiatus after 2018.

Big Brother UK Audition 2023: Hey, Do you want to be Big Brother of the United Kingdom? Wow… it’s good news for you. ITV has announced that it is set to revive the iconic reality series Big Brother 2023, following a five-year hiatus after 2018.

Big Brother 2023 will return in 2023 on ITV2 and the new streaming platform ITVX, with its famous house featuring a ‘contemporary new look’.

The news was confirmed by a promotional video that aired during the Love Island series finale on ITV2.

In the year 2020, Channel 4 announced that the previous seasons of Big Brother UK would be shown on E4 in a show titled Big Brother: Best Shows Ever to celebrate twenty years of this program. Then, two years later, on the 1st of August 2022, it was announced that ITV would be bringing back Big Brother UK Edition. Big Brother UK Edition would return for a brand new series from 2023. ITV2.

Big Brother History

First time in 1999, the first edition was launched, and after 24 years after its launch, Big brother is shown in more than 500 Big Brother series  aired worldwide in more than 64 countries and regions

In this show, contestants spend the entire time the show together in a single isolated house and are completely disconnected from the entire world.

During the show, Big brother gives some duties, which need to complete alone or in groups if someone could not complete the task, then as the result of  the house being grounded or the roommate being asked to leave the house

Big Brother UK winner’s Prize

In this show, the Audience took the responsibility to decide the winners and the Big Brother UK winner’s Prize ranged from £50,000 to £150,000 in the shows.

Big Brother show is one of the most successful show in world, die to this huge success, currently the franchise has many other show related to big brother like

  • Celebrity Big Brother,
  • Teen Big Brother: The Experiment,
  • Ultimate Big Brother,
  • Big Brother’s Big Mouth, B
  • Big Brother’s Little Brother, and
  • Big Brother’s Bit

How to Apply for Big Brother UK Audition 2023?

Here are a few steps to apply for the big brother UK 2023 Auditions.

  • Prepare an audition video with a max 2-minute length.
  • Go to the official website of big brother and click on apply
  • And send the video to the big brother 2023 session team from itv2 Big Brother UK Audition UK

Note: Currently Big Brother UK Audition is announced. We will update this post on daily basis. Book mark this site if you are interested to join.

Big Brother UK Audition 2023 Application Requirements

Every audition has some special requirement and criteria to make this show special and unique, similar to big brother 2023 also has some requirements to fulfil the same. Check the below requirements before applying for the big brother show To fulfil the application requirements, you must satisfy the following;

  • Must share the personal and professional details [Privacy policy is there on the website]
  • You must share an audition video with a length of 2 minutes.
  • Sharing your images and a little more about your particular likes and likes is required.
  • For your video to be compelling, it needs to accurately reflect who you are To be eligible to participate,

Eligibility criteria for UK Big Brother 2023

  • You must be a resident of the UK or Ireland.
  • Age must be at least 18 years of age on July 31, 2018; there is no upper age limit.
  • Even if you were previously rejected, you can reapply.

Big Brother UK Winners List All Session

Here is the list of Big Brother UK Winners in all sessions.

Big Brother Season 1Craig Phillips£70,000
Big Brother Season 2Brian Dowling£70,000
Big Brother Season 3Kate Lawler£70,000
Big Brother Season 4Cameron Stout£70,000
Big Brother Season 5Nadia Almada£63,500
Big Brother Season 6Anthony Hutton£50,000
Big Brother Season 7Pete Bennett£100,000
Big Brother Season 8Brian Belo£100,000
Big Brother Season 9Rachel Rice£100,000
Big Brother Season 10Sophie Reade£71,320
Big Brother Season 11Josie Gibson£100,000
Big Brother Season 12Aaron Allard-Morgan£50,990
Big Brother Season 13Luke Anderson£50,000
Big Brother Season 14Sam Evans£100,000
Big Brother Season 15£100,000

how to watch big brother 2023 uk in the us

Here’s how to stream Big Brother 2023 online from any location:

  1. Start by signing up to an appropriate VPN. We highly suggest NordVPN however Surfshark as well as ExpressVPN can be also good options.
  2. Install and download your VPN software. Many VPN providers have apps available for various platforms, so ensure that you get the correct version that is compatible with your device.
  3. Make sure you connect to one of VPN’s US servers (the city isn’t important in this instance).
  4. Try watching the video on CBS. It should load immediately.

Big Brother 2023 will be broadcast live, therefore it is recommended to go through the above steps well before the show is scheduled to air. So, you’ll be aware of any issues ahead of time and be able to seek help from the customer support team of your VPN to avoid missing the beginning of the season.

Who Will Host Big Brother 2023

The host of Big Brother 2023 is not yet confirmed for the next season, however, there are several names being considered. Davina McCall was the host for a large portion of its run on TV but Emma Willis took over when it was moved onto Channel 5.

Davina McCall Might Host Big Brother 2023
Davina McCall Might Host Big Brother 2023

Latest updates and news regarding Big Brother UK Audition 2023 and audition

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FAQ : Frequently Asked Question

Q. Is Big Brother coming back to the UK in 2023?

Yes. You heard right,  ITV has announced that it is set to revive the iconic reality series Big Brother 2023, following a five-year hiatus after 2018. The application form will be available soon.

Q. When is Big Brother UK coming back?

Time is yet to decide for the Big Brother Audition Date, and cities. But as per ITV press renewed, the show dating reality television show Big Brother will return to the UK in 2023 on ITV2 and ITVX, following a sabbatical of five years.

Q. When would Big Brother UK Applications Close?

As of now, dates are not announced so closing dates are yet to be announced. To Keet, you updated stay with us. Soon All the details will available here.

Q. Can I apply to be in the new season of Big Brother?

At present there was no announcement about when or whether, or when, the program will be open to the general public.
If programs are made available accessible to the public at large this will likely be done through using the “Be on ITV” segment of the ITV website.
It’s here that ITV provides applications which are currently accepting applications for its shows on TV that include Love Island, Dinner Date, The Voice UK, Britain Got Talent, and Tipping Point.


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