After several people were shot near the concert venue, Harry Styles cancelled his Copenhagen performance

Just a few hours before the artist was due to take the stage was a shooting at Field’s shopping centre in Copenhagen.

“I feel heartbroken with the people of Copenhagen. I love this place. It is so welcoming and filled with love. My heart breaks for the families of the victims and those suffering. Be together. Styles tweeted: “Please take care each other.”

It was also reported that four people had been seriously injured. Two Swedes and two Danes are currently in serious condition. The fire was likely started by a 22-year old man.

Harry Styles performed at a charity event following the Texas shooting in a previous post.

Variety reports that Harry Styles, a British musician, held a charity concert to support the Everytown for Gun Safety group, which fights violence and weapons use.

The singer acknowledged that he was shocked to hear about the recent deaths 19 children in Texas school shootings.

“Like many of you, I was completely devastated by the recent spate a mass shootings in America. He posted the following Instagram message: “The tragedy culminated with the recent shooting at Uvalde Elementary School, Texas.”

The singer pledged that all proceeds from tickets sold during his US tour would go towards the Everytown Foundation. To prevent such incidents, he plans to raise at most $1 million.

Taylor Swift was among the celebrities who joined in the condolences for the victims and their families. Swift wrote that her heart was “filled with anger” and that she feels grief.

Matthew McConaughey spoke earlier about the Texas shooting. McConaughey claims that the American community failed to hold the American community accountable for its rights. This is the sad truth. You must breathe deeply, accept it and apologize.

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