Anne Hathaway, the incomparable actress, changed three outfits on set for a new movie in one day

Anne Hathaway was seen on the New Jersey set of Mothers’ Instinct. The 39-year old actress was a star with Jessica Chastain. She is often photographed in paparazzi lenses, wearing very elegant stage looks.

The first look was a midi-length dress with a flared plaid skirt. It was in harmony to Hathaway’s chestnut bob.

The ensemble was completed with black pumps, a pearl necklace, large sunglasses, and large sunglasses.

Anne wore a second outfit that included a blue Kate Middleton-inspired sheath gown, white gloves and a black-structured, leather bag. Light waves were used to create the perfect volume for the celebrity’s hair.

In her third look, she also retained the black sunglasses which were worn in all of her shifts. In a pale pencil blue dress, she looked amazing.

The final look was completed with shoes to match the outfit. Maternal Instinct is a French novel by Barbara Abel. It follows two happy housewives who are thrown off their idyllic lives after a tragic accident.

Chastain, with her blonde hair and lime green dress that was below her knees, was also seen at the seat.

As he lifted the pages of the script through his set, he was also wearing a trench coat in tan and matching pumps.

Based on Barbara Abel’s 2002 French novel of the same name, the film follows two wealthy housewives, Hathaway & Chastain, who are devastated by a tragic accident that threatens their friendship. ۔

As you may recall, Armageddon Time was the American director James Gray’s drama that is based on his childhood memories.

Anne Hathaway played one of the most important roles in the tape. She answered questions from journalists today at a photo conference.

The actress and Elin Walsh, her stylist, chose a provocative mini-dress with a patent leather bra, rhinestone-embroidered skirt and an elasticated waist. They teamed it up with Kate Eyeglasses.

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