Bella Hadid opted for elegance and wore a vintage wrap dress

The model continues to experiment with vintage finds in New York. The perfect dress in a retro print is next. Bella’s waist became even slimmer thanks to the scent.

Bella Hadid continues showcasing unique items from small boutiques around the globe. The star chose a scarlet minidress with a vibrant print, reminiscent of Kubrick’s interiors in The Shining.

The outfit was found by the model at the New York Kalimera shop. She also bought it from the shopper.

The scarlet wrap mini, which emphasized the waist and décolleté area thanks to the V-neckline, was complemented by Bella with high boots with steady heels and miniature glasses with oval lenses in a metal frame.

We believe the model was hurrying to get to a business meeting in this outfit. She had in her hand a laptop with the logos of Kin Euphorics, which Bella invested in in 2021.

Hadid’s idea of Hadid being a modern-day Andy Sachs seems fun. Given that Hadid is so involved in acting, it is not unreasonable to assume she could perform the role. It is.

The Devil Wears Prada is an original piece of Prada art that does not need to be altered or updated in this culture. If one is able to pull it off, it will be Hadid.

It is possible that she will provide her own clothes. As we have previously reported, Hadid was back out on the streets with Marc Kalman, her boyfriend.

Hadid wore a plaid mini-skirt that she kept calm in to walk during the day. She paired it with a mint green Burberry jacket.

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