Billie Eilish admits she used a doppelgänger at Coachella

Doubles in the music business aren’t new. Celebrities sometimes take advantage of doubles.

Even in such circumstances, Billie Eilish is able to surprise her fans. A completely different performer performed many songs during a Coachella performance.

Eilish Coachella, just 20 years old was the youngest artist to make it big.

“At Coachella’s beginning, I had an understudy. She was one of my dancers. I dressed her in the same look that I wore on stage.

“We also had a black mask, a wig, and sunglasses. She put on my shoes, socks, and she put on my glasses,” said Billy Matt Wilkinson during an interview for Apple Music 1.

Fake Eilish replaced artist on two songs but star sang nearby. Although it’s hilarious, the fans didn’t notice the substitution and Billy’s prank was a huge success!

In a previous posting, Billie Eilish was 20 years old when she left Coachella Music Festival as the youngest headliner in its history.

Let’s just say that he did it that manner! The pop star wore an oversized B James down jacket with a decorative B James logo on it. He happily threw it on the ground during Bury a Friend, his first number.

She hid beneath the outer garment a classic look inspired by the millions of idols. She chose a large, sand-colored Tshirt with unusual graffiti.

Billie paired the shorts with similar motorcycle shorts, many silver chains, cute ponytails and sport gloves.

Nike’s shoes and knee pads were the final touch that reflected the singer’s unique style. They will definitely not cause any pain during the grand performance.

Even though the artist recently revealed the launch of a new Air Force 1 shoe model from him,

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