Brad Pitt Says That He’s in Retirement and is on the Last Leg Of His Career

Brad Pitt is without doubt one of Hollywood’s greatest actors. The actor appeared in some the most iconic movies of his time. It seems the amazing career of this actor is coming to an end. Bradd recently revealed that he could be about to give up acting and quit. Here are the exact words of Bradd on the matter:

“I consider myself to be on my last leg, the last semester or trimester. What’s this section going to look like? How do I design it?

Most people believed that Brad Pitt’s Oscar win for Best Supporting Actor was a sign that his career was on the rise. However, it seems that the actor has other ideas.

Brad Pitt first gained popularity in 1991 when he appeared in Ridley Scott’s road film, Thelma & Louise Following that, he played a variety of iconic roles such as Terry Gilliam’s sci fi hit 12 Monkeys and David Fincher’s crime thriller Seven.

In recent appearances, Pitt was in The Lost City starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum and is set to star in David Leitch’s Bullet Train this summer. Pitt will also star in Damien Chazelle’s new film Babylon, which will drop on Christmas. Pitt has not yet been confirmed as being associated with any other projects, except for an untitled Jon Watts production alongside George Clooney.

Although it’s sad for fans to hear of Brad Pitt’s possible retirement, the actor’s long career is more than enough to make him one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors.

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