Bradley Cooper is almost unrecognizable in new stills from “Maestro.”

Bradley Cooper recently released new stills from Maestro, his upcoming Netflix movie. The film follows the life and times of American conductor Leonard Bernstein. Bradley Cooper will direct the film, and Bradley Cooper will star as the legendary conductor. Bradley is seen in stills appearing to be working on scenes that portray the later years of the conductor’s career. Bradley appears significantly older and almost unrecognizable in these stills. Carey Mulligan will play Felicia Montalegre, Leonard Bernstein’s wife, and is joined by Bradley. The film will also feature comedian Sarah Silverman, Maya Hawke (Star of Stranger Things), and Jeremy Strong.

Bradley looks to be wearing a tan suit and pink shirt with a red tie. Carey can also be seen wearing an orange top, a matching skirt and an old-fashioned white jacket.

Scenes are being shot in Central Park, New York. According to reports, the movie will focus on Leonard Bernstein’s life and his relationship with Felicia Montealegre. Bradley Cooper was reportedly very interested in directing the movie and staring in it because he had always wanted to be a composer. Bradley shared with Variety that he wanted to be a conductor ever since he was a child. I was so obsessed that I asked Santa Claus for a baton in my eight-year old year.

Bradley will assume this second role in the director’s chair after A Star is Born, 2018.

Fans argued that Leonard Bernstein should have been played by a Jewish actor. This led to some controversy. Bradley and the cast and crew have not yet responded to this claim.

The film will release in 2023. It will tell the story of Leonard Bernstein, Felicia Montealegre and their 25-year-long marriage.

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