Jennifer Lopez showed how the difference is between glamorous and well-groomed skin

Jennifer Lopez shared a photo with fans that shows how she looked before and after her meeting with her makeup artist.

The 52-year old actress spoke out about “facial in one” a JLO beauty product.

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Ben Affleck’s fiancée also posted some racy snaps after sitting in her makeup chair for hours. The difference between natural beauty, and glamorous looks was huge!

It is hard to not appreciate the natural beauty that the singer has. She was wearing a white towel around her chest, and she assured her that her skin product works well at night.

Jennifer did not have any makeup on while she was in the bathroom, so she didn’t need to put it on.

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Lopez then applied a bronzer and brightened her eyes with eye makeup. She also made her eyelashes longer and shaped her lips to make her look more expressive.

Jennifer is open about the fact that Jennifer uses the services of makeup artists. However, Jennifer doesn’t fear revealing herself without the glamour of stardom.

Lopez, 52, looks great and is a shining example of the efficacy of cosmetic care products.

Jennifer Lopez (now 51) posted a video showing one of JLO Beauty’s products in action.

The video shows the singer and actress sharing their feelings about the mask. She admits that she feels ten times younger. The audience’s reaction was immediate.

One subscriber wrote immediately that Jennifer Lopez was doing Botox injections or “beauty shots”.

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