Katie Couric shares a reflective post with her fans on Instagram after John Molner was under fire for his controversial post

Katie Couric is an American journalist who is well-known for reporting on all the major incidents around the world. She’s a respected journalist and has covered many media in the past few decades. Because she is such a prominent name in the world, it’s not surprising that she reports on all sorts of major events.

John Molner, Molner’s husband, was recently in the news for an unflattering Instagram post. Molner had referenced Roe V Wade’s Supreme Court decision, but in a completely different tone to what people might have expected.

In a lengthy post, he mentioned that the law was repealed. He also mentioned the Court’s decision to strike down New York’s gun safety laws that prohibited concealed weapons. He also mentioned how Delta airlines had become one of America’s worst airlines. Although the situation is not as severe as losing reproductive freedoms, he said that it was still extremely distressing.

His post had been shared with many people. One person commented that although the day was very somber, including the mention of women’s reproductive right in the same post about an airline, it was insensitive and rude. Many people were upset by his post, and millions of others commented below disagreeing with him.

Katie did not expect to reply to this drama. She posted a montage of Ellie’s wedding, captioned it “Happy Fourth Of July.” It’s a strange one this year but there are still things worth celebrating…like Ellie and Mark’s one year anniversary! #fourthofjuly #elliesaysidobro #happyanniversary.”  John, her husband was one of the many who commented on her post entitled “Happy anniversary to an amazing couple!” He wrote “Love you both” and added a red heart to his comment.

John and Katie were together for two years before they got engaged. They had a small, intimate wedding ceremony on 21 June 2014. Katie didn’t choose to focus her attention on John’s words, but she did. This caused disappointment among her fans.

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