Porsha Williams Celebrates Paris with Amazing Photos

Porsha Williams made the day of her fans with some amazing photos taken in Paris. You can see them all below.

Someone said: ‘Slide 2… The background is everything. Beautiful shot! A follower commented: “Perfect shot!” Another followeder wrote this: “If you want good soul food while on Persia, then go to Mama Jackson.”

One of her followers said, “Porsha’s one thing is that Pilar is always there for her when she travels!” She’s always by her side!!’ and a commenter posted: ‘The jalapeño yellowtail sashimi is my favorite but you know you didn’t have to go to France to get it. They found it at Kona.

Another commenter posted this: ‘My favorite housewives- I don’t even bother with that show anymore since you left. Bella, keep up the faith.

Commenter: “It has been a long journey, but I’ve seen you grow and fightfor respect and happiness, and it’s wonderful that you’ve finally found it.” happy bday queen.’

Another follower stated: “I can honestly say that these smiles are genuine. Porsha, you are someone I have loved since childhood. I wish you happiness.

Another person said, “So love that your best life is porsha.” You are my boo sis. I love you.

One fan commented: “It just brought me to tears seeing you finally be happy @porsha4real..

Porsha Williams  makes her fans and followers happy with a video featuring her fantastic daughter, PJ. You can see the clip here.

“The sweetest Love” No wig, No makeup, just pure love for her mothermy! She often calls me a superhero and only if she knew how I try to live up to all she sees & feels. It’s the unconditional love for me @pilarjhena,’ Porsha said.

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