Priyanka Chopra created her own line of home goods

Many celebrities have recently been contemplating creating their own brand.

Hailey Bieber will soon face legal action regarding her trademarked use of the name. However, her celebrity costars are making a splash.

Priyanka Chopra is a master at combining modern trends with Indian culture. Manish Goyal and Priyanka Chopra received rave reviews for their Manhattan restaurant that served ethnic cuisine.

Star has launched SONA Home, a brand that will bring incredible energy to your home.

Priyanka, in a press release, described her creation as an “exquisite collection of luxury linens, exclusive china, and amazing accessories”.

Chopra was inspired to create each thing by positive and understandable emotions.

The collection will remind you how important it is to spend quality time with loved ones, enjoy your favorite foods together, and host fun parties.

With the 40-strong Sultan’s Garden tableware line, you can instantly add color to your tables.

Rare plants are able to bloom in green on white plates. Wild animals also live on these plates. It will make a wonderful addition to your kitchen and cost only $40 for truly cozy dishes.

Hailey Bieber has made a big splash with her new skincare line in a previous post.

Justin Bieber, his wife, has confirmed the effectiveness of the cosmetics he recommended to him. The price of the cosmetics is not more than $30

This is a social project, and the model does not want to raise prices. The honey message from the model is not complete without a smear. She may now lose RHODE, her offspring.

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