Singer Halsey revealed that at twenty-five she had survived three miscarriages, one abortion and two more.

Protests by the public were intense after the Constitution was repealed regarding abortion.

Michelle Obama, along with many celebrities, have publicly criticized America’s government. Halsey, the mother of her son last July, even spoke out about how she was saved by an abortion.

American Vogue interviewed the singer and she admitted that she had survived three miscarriages at the age of 25. “No,” is the answer.

Star explained that she had medical reasons to end her pregnancy. Every woman has the right to decide when she wants to be a mother.

“During this procedure I cried. I was afraid for my life and felt helpless. I wanted to end the pregnancy that was threatening my life.

The celebrity added, “I will hold my child with one hand and fight for him the other.”

A previous post titled The shock at the US Constitution’s decision to abolish the right for abortion shocked the vast majority.

Many women were very critical of the Supreme Court’s decision. Irina Shayk and Billie Eilish were just a few of the many stars who reacted to the Supreme Court’s decision.

Michelle Obama emotionally spoke out on social media, saying: “I’m heartbroken for the women of this country who just lost the right to make informed decisions about their bodies.”

I feel terrible that we could be forced to repeat the horrible lessons of a past time when women had to risk their lives for illegal abortions.

The government used to deny women control over their reproductive function and forced them into continuing with unplanned pregnancies. They then abandoned them when their children were born.


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