10 Times ‘America’s Got Talent’ Forgot It’s A Family Show

You know When ‘America’s Got Talent’ Wasn’t So Family-Friendly?


Men With Pans In 2017, these two men made themselves out to be a cooking act


Sacred Riana This is arguably the scariest act America’s Got Talent has ever had.


Sethward This strange act has auditioned for America’s Got Talent multiple times


Celina & Filiberto This couple proved you’re never too old to dance dirty


Brandon Coprich This flautist shocked the audience when he turned his routine into a deleted scene from Magic Mike

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BAD Girls Club 2023


Marina Mazepa Although this contortionist had some pretty sexy (and kind of scary) move


Josh Orlian This 12-year-old stand-up comedian shocked the judges with his raunchy material.


Naked Man From Japan


Ray Jessel This 84-year-old singing comedian performed an original song about a woman with a penis


Joanna Kennedy This performer touted herself as a “passion and intimacy expert.”

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