Fast & Furious star Paul Walker will be honored with a Posthumous Star on the "Hollywood Walk of Fame".

Paul Walker is to be given a posthumous Star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year, 10 years after his demise,

Along with other stars like Uma Thurman Vince Vaughn, Lenny Kravitz and Marvel long-time stalwart along with Star Wars producer Jon Favreau.

The rapper and actor, who is 44 years old, posted on Instagram with a smile: 'Hi Mama, Your Son is being selected to receive an Award at the Hollywood Walk of Fame In 2023. GOD IS THE GREATEST '

Paul Walker was the most widely-known actor for his role playing Brian O'Connor in the Fast & Furious The Fast and Furiousfranchise.

The series premiered in 2001 with the release of Fast and the Furious,and Walker was to take on the character of Brian in five additional films.

Walker tragically lost his life in a crash the 30th of November, 2013 when principal photography on Furious 7was underway.

To finish the film, his brothers joined into the fray to finish his film, and his end credits are widely regarded as an significant moments in the history of the franchise.

A decade has passed since the death of Paul Walker, the actor is scheduled to be honored posthumously with the Star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame as part of the class of 2023.

Not to be missed, Walker's Fast & Furious Fast and Furiousco-star Ludacris will be also receiving an award called a Star.

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