Johnny Depp invites Kate Moss to concert in London

Johnny Depp acted before a sold-out swarm close by Jeff Beck at the Royal Albert Hall in London for the third night straight

Depp, 58, welcomed his ex Kate Moss to the show on Tuesday night

As per a source near the Hollywood star. Greenery was called as a reply observer in Depp's maligning preliminary.

Depp joined rocker Beck in front of an audience for the second night at Royal Albert Hall

Over the end of the week, the couple played out a show at Sheffield City Hall in Sheffield, England.

Film of Depp singing and playing the guitar showed crowd individuals cheering "We love you, Johnny!" and giving the Hollywood star an overwhelming applause

Depp and Beck were seen waving together and embracing in front of an audience. The entertainer wore a handkerchief to keep down his long light hair.

The pair played out a version of their 2020 joint effort "Confinement," a front of a melody John Lennon delivered in 1970.