Juventus' Federico Cherubini will meet with Angel Di Maria's company in London as they hope to concur an arrangement.

The gathering has been quite anticipated by Bianconeri fans, with many energized at the possibility of seeing the Argentinian forward joining the club

Juventus are quick to get him on a free exchange and they're expecting to do this rapidly to keep away from any potential difficulties.

As revealed by La Gazzetta dello Sport, the two players are hopeful that an arrangement can be reached yet Di Maria should make a concession on either the term of the agreement or the figures in question.

He needs a one-year bargain yet Juventus are offering two, hoping to exploit the Growth Decree.

This leaves Di Maria with a decision: possibly he acknowledges a two-year bargain worth €7.5m net per season in addition to additional items

Or a one-year agreement worth €5m net in addition to additional items.

The Bianconeri are not wanting to change these offers, leaving everything in the possession of the player.