Top Gun’s dark romantic secret

Tom Cruise thriller had romance in mind, but forget Kelly McGillis

This is a psychosexual drama about deadly flying machines

You watch a masterpiece and see what you want to see. All masterpieces are mirrors, and Top Gun is a masterpiece.

Top Gun: Maverick, is here, and it allows Top Gun obsessives to ponder its meaning, because it’s embarrassing just to watch it, drooling. I think

Top Gun is a romance disguised as an action film, but there are false trails to follow first.

Why doesn’t Maverick’s original lover, Charlie (Kelly McGillis), a woman in possession of a PhD – that’s her character development,

letters – and who I always thought looked like a very beautiful animal from the Muppets, appear in Maverick?

Top Gun doesn’t need her – she’s gone! – and Maverick, who is all neck and teeth – an all-American hero