Dance Gavin Dance Vocalist Tilian Pearson Steps Away From Band

The new charges against Tilian are something we view exceptionally in a serious way," the band said in an explanation.

Dance Gavin Dance reported on June 3 that singer Tilian Pearson will back away from the musical crew to "look for proficient assistance" following late sexual offense claims.

The new charges against Tilian are something we view extremely in a serious way, and we have been in profound conversation in regards to the fitting activity

On Instagram Shared, Effective immediately, Tilian will be stepping away from the band in order to seek professional help.

he statement added that the rest of the band members will continue to perform at their scheduled tour dates this summer

and will also release their album Jackpot Juicer on July 29 as planned.

“We all worked incredibly hard on this album, and it is also the last recorded body of work from Tim – we want to be sure we give it the full release attention that it deserves to honor his legacy.”

“We know that this is a very upsetting and trying situation for all those affected, and we ask people to please be as understanding as possible while everyone works through this,” Dance Gavin Dance’s statement concluded. “We appreciate you always.”

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