What’s the Prize on ABC’s New Game Show ‘Generation Gap’? The Winner Has a Choice

Do you remember explaining the meaning behind a meme to your mother but got the reaction “…”I don’t get it.” 

New Game Show ‘Generation Gap’

Do you remember explaining the meaning behind a meme to your mother but got the reaction “…”I don’t get it.” 

Perhaps you show her an unrelated hilarious internet video and she responds, “Who is that? Is that one of your friends?” It’s hilariously annoying. 

Perhaps your dad talks about some of the “greatest” British rock stars in the time of music but you respond with “Who?!” Oh, the generation gap it creates a lot of confusion.

These small events constitute the whole premise of ABC’s upcoming game show, appropriately titled Generation Gap

It’s a show about “family members of different generations who work together to answer questions about each other’s generations.” 

The most appealing aspect of is that America’s love-struck teen — also known as Kelly Ripa Kelly Ripa hosts the show.

With questions such as “What kind of animal is Sonic?” The answer is that he’s a speedy hedgehog Gen Gapis is fun for all the family. 

What exactly are these divergent generations really playing for? Let’s glance at the prizes.

What are the generation gap prizes?

Each episode is comprised of two teams, each having a family member from an earlier generation as well as one from the older generation. 

While the two teams get cash prizes when they answer the right questions The team that wins gets another prize, but the prizes vary.

Kelly Ripa calls the Toddler’s Choice round the ” most exciting part of the game” of Generation Gap Show.” The team that wins is given the option of two prizes with various values.  

The only catch is that the smallest team member is the one to decide the prize. What would a child choose? An elephant-sized teddy bear, or the trip to Bermuda? The answer is this question.

“Generation Gap Show” is based on the popular Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment.

While the 2022’s Generation Gap tv show must be somewhat in the vein of 1969’s game show The Generation Gap Show It’s closely based on the cult Jimmy Kimmel segment “The Kimmellennial Challenge.” 

Jimmy Kimmel and Mark Burnett are the producers of Generation Gap.
“I’m very close with Jimmy’s family,” Kelly Ripa told ABC

“He is close with my family, and he said to me, ‘You are literally the only person I know who can host this show.’ Because he knows I work well with children. 

Generation Gap TV Show Premier time

Anybody under the age of 13, that’s my sweet spot. Those are my people.”

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